Happiness Is A Side Effect Of Meaning | Proudly Made in the USA

Happiness is a Side Effect of Meaning | Proudly Made in the USA

Happiness is a Side Effect of Meaning | Proudly Made in the USA



Not much chance completely cut loose from purpose
He was a young man riding a bus through North Carolina on the way to somewhere
And it began to snow

And the bus stopped at a little café in the hills
And the passengers entered
And he sat at the counter with the others
And he ordered the food arrived
And the meal was particularly good
And the coffee

The waitress was unlike the women he had known
She was unaffected and there was a natural humor which came from her
And the fry cook said crazy things
And the dishwasher in back laughed a good clean pleasant laugh

And the young man watched the snow through the window
And he wanted to stay in that café forever
The curious feeling swam through him that everything was beautiful there
And it would always stay beautiful there

And then the bus driver told the passengers that it was time to board
And the young man thought I'll just stay here
I'll just stay here
And then he rose and he followed the others into the bus
He found his seat and looked at the café through the window
And then the bus moved off down a curve downward out of the hills

And the young man looked straight forward
And he heard the other passengers speaking of other things
Or they were reading or trying to sleep
And they hadn't noticed the magic
And the young man put his head to one side
Closed his eyes and pretended to sleep

There was nothing else to do
Just to listen to the sound of the engine
And the sound of the tires
In the snow
The laughing heart
Your life is your life
Don’t let it be clubbed into dank submission
Be on the watch
There are ways out
There is light somewhere
It may not be much light but it beats the darkness
But it beats the darkness
Be on the watch
The gods will offer you chances
Know them
Take them
You can’t beat death but you can beat death in life
Sometimes, and the more often you learn to do it
The more light there will be
Your life is your life
Know it while you have it
You are marvellous
The gods wait to delight in you
That's the beauty
There's so much knowledge out there
There's so much information, so many ways to get better
And we make, we make so many mistakes
We're the product of our mistakes
And oftentimes the lesson is sitting there right in front of our face
It's there to be learned, but we miss it or we don't pay attention to it
Or we think we know better, until it punches us in the face
And the most important thing to learn is that we have so much to learn
We all do
And we can learn from school and people and from experience
And we learn from life

You get one shot
One shot at this gig right here
One life, that's all you got
One life
One shot

But you have to process the information and you have to absorb it
[Echo] What do you do on the days when you're just not feeling it?
Those days
Those days
Those days when I'm tired or worn out
Or just basically sick of the grind
What do I do on those days?
I go anyways
I get it done
Even if I'm just going through the motions
I go through the motions
I don't really wanna work out? I work out
I really don't wanna hammer on a project? I hammer on the project
Don't really wanna get up and get out of bed?
Yeah, I get up
Default aggressive

[Peterson] Do you know who Akira the Don is?
[Rubin] Of course, he's amazing

Proactive and aggressive are similar
And they're both good
You certainly have to be proactive in the world
You want to be dictating what happens
Not responding to it
And, yes, that means creating or controlling a situation
As much as you can
But being aggressive, that means you are ready to attack
As I always point out, this doesn't mean you walk around with your chest puffed out
Ready to bang heads with everyone around you
It doesn't mean that you confront people
Physically or mentally, head-on, without a tactically superior plan
It doesn't mean you go straightforward into conflict without thought, without reason
It doesn't mean you engage in attrition warfare