Happiness Is A Side Effect Of Meaning | Proudly Made in the USA

Happiness is a Side Effect of Meaning | Proudly Made in the USA

Happiness is a Side Effect of Meaning | Proudly Made in the USA

It's a beautiful day to be alive here at the peak of recorded human history



Go into your imagination
Go into your imagination
Go into your imagination

I was at the Museum of Art in New York
I was in this amazing room
You know, it had all these priceless paintings
From the late Renaissance hanging in it
Each painting worth, who knows
A billion dollars, maybe
They're priceless paintings
So, the room was
It's a shrine
And it was full of people from all over the world
Who were looking at these paintings?
You think, well, what the hell are these people doing ?
Coming to this room?
Looking at these paintings
Social animal
And even many animals who aren't social
Are embedded in a dominance hierarchy
(Okay, let’s go)
The dominance hierarchy has a structure
Or we couldn't call it a dominance hierarchy
Dominance hierarchy A, B, C
Thousands of them across thousands of years
What's central to all of them?
That's the pyramid of value
What question do you need answered
About the pyramid of value?
What's at the top?
'Cause that's the ideal
That's the eye at the top of the pyramid
The golden Buddha in the lotus
And I enrolled in a
Swim-sercise course
I think it was called
So, it was me and this
Like, really overweight kid
And like, these 60-year-old women
And, man, they could out-exercise me like mad
It was really embarrassing me
And the overweight kid, you know
We'd be just panting ourselves three quarters to death
At the end of the bloody workout
And these 60-year-old women
Who weren't in great shape were, like, you know
Chatting away as if nothing was going on
At all in the pool
So that was quite embarrassing, and
Even something as simple as
Like, eye contact in a situation where
There's a possibility of finding a
Sexual partner is a very important component
Because eye contact indicates interest
And it also indicates, at least in principle
The possibility of approach
And so, approach is dopaminergically mediated
And it's a positive emotional state
And that's also why, interestingly enough
If you go into a pharmacy
And there's a rack of magazines
What's on the cover?

Beautiful woman, beautiful woman
(Beautiful, beautiful)
Beautiful woman, beautiful woman
(Beautiful, beautiful)
I got married
Well, my, the woman who's my wife, Tammy
Who I've known since she was eight years old
She lived across the street from me
In this little town called Fairview
And I was in love with her, like
The first time I saw her
Which is quite a bloody thing
So that's worked out pretty well for me
But she came to live with me
About the same time and, you know
We decided jointly
To get our act together
And we swore that we'd tell each other the truth
I think she's actually done better than me