Happiness Is A Side Effect Of Meaning | Proudly Made in the USA

Happiness is a Side Effect of Meaning | Proudly Made in the USA

Happiness is a Side Effect of Meaning | Proudly Made in the USA



I was fat
That's why I talk about it
Go ahead and say something, motherfucker
I was fat, too
And it was hard as fuck every fucking day to get up
I know what it feels like
When you roll your fat ass outta bed
And all you want is some fuckin' damn cinnamon buns
And shit
And fucking chocolate milkshake
I know what it is
I know exactly what it is
But I can't want it more than you
And so many people
Just want it the easy way
I'm sorry, man
It’s not
So, what they start to do
Is they build this narrative
Of it's okay
When their narrative should be
You need to fuckin' work harder
Even those that are supposedly born
And never lose touch with the knowledge of their
True nature
They are not much help to humanity
Because they don't know how to meet anybody
Where they are
In order to be of help
To humanity
You have to take the pathways yourself

You have to take the pathways yourself
That you are then going to suggest to others
And there was a beautiful
We think of present events
As being caused
By past events
And therefore
We tend to regard ourself as
The puppets of the past
As driven along
By something
That is always behind us

Now, to overcome this impression
It's very simple
You begin again with an experiment
Approach the world through your ears
If you shut your eye
And make contact with reality
Purely with your ears
And you will realize
That the sounds you are hearing
Are all coming out of silence
On the third afternoon came a message from the Germans
"At midnight, our staff officers visit
And we must fire our automatic Pistolen
But we will fire higher
Please, keep undercover"
At 11:00 p.m., Berlin midnight
We saw flashes going away
Into the air
Two days later, an army order came from GHQ
To the effect that men found fraternizing with the enemy
Would be court marshaled and
If found guilty, would suffer the death penalty

And again, in that place
The very lights soared over no-man's-land at night
And bullets cut showers of splinters from trees
And, sometimes, human flesh
And bone
So, hope
Sank into the mud again
At midnight
We heard laughing as we worked
We heard singing from the German lines, carols
The tunes of which we knew
I noticed a very bright light on a tall pole
Raised in their lines
Down opposite the East Lancs trench
In front of the convent
A Christmas tree

With lighted candles
Was set
On their parapet
The unreal moonlight life went on happily
Cries of "come on over, Tommy, we won't fire at you"
A dark figure approached me, hesitatingly
A trap?
I walked towards it with a bumping heart
"Merry Christmas, English friend"
We shook hands tremulously