Happiness Is A Side Effect Of Meaning | Proudly Made in the USA

Happiness is a Side Effect of Meaning | Proudly Made in the USA

Happiness is a Side Effect of Meaning | Proudly Made in the USA

It's a beautiful day to be alive here at the peak of recorded human history


Akira The Don & Jordan B. Peterson - UTOPIA | Music Video



“Things get large and
Then they get too large
And then they collapse
And so in 2008
When the politicians said too big to fail
Too big to fail
They got something truly
Backwards, truly backwards
The statement was reverse
It should have been so big it had to fail”

I think of those lines often these days, as so often we’re confronted with things in our brave new world that are just too large… and are inevitably beginning to topple. With regards to current events, I often say you really only need to know whether to carry a brolly when you leave the house. One needs not no bloody weather man to know which way the wind blows, and one needs read no nEwSpaper to see what’s happening all around us. Indeed, if we do read newspapers, we end up far worse informed than we might have had we not bothered at all, and had instead had gone for a nice walk or something… and thought a little, and  paid attention. We asked for signs, and signs were duly sent… signs are all around, like love, if only we care to notice.

And lo, the sheer interestingness of the times compounds, and hysteria abounds, and the importance of considering what is in your control, and what is not, continues to be the most crucial of heuristics. With that in mind I introduced my son to CHAT GPT this week, who immediately wondered if it could help him code his Roblox games, and lo, it could, and lo, he was overjoyed, and expressed his gratitude to The Robots in a manner that made me very proud indeed. 

Hercules was very excited to show his grandfather, who had been concernedly sending me articles about the upcoming AI apocalypse. I told him to listen to the Meaningwave Elon album. If you can’t beat them, join them. Or at leats learn to speak the language. 

In a very rare instance, in this age of unabashed, raw propaganda taking the place of our previous, slightly abashed  raw propaganda, I actually enjoyed a trip to the movies this week. I saw the new John Wick movie, which I loved - a glorious ballet of hyper-reality anime ultra violence, it reminded me of the physics-be-damned cartoon glory of 70s Kung Fu, the stylistic overload of 80s anime, and a lot of other things I have delighted in over the years, including that old Newgrounds series, Xiao Xiao.

 I mentioned this, and it elicited some nostalgia-tinted responses, like the following:

“Those were the good ol days of the internet. We replaced unique artistic passion project games and animations with soulless dopamine generating micro transaction mobile games. Very sad.”

I hear that sort of sentiment constantly, and I do not agree, obviously. I remember the generation before me expressing the same sentiments. Every generation fancies that it’s gonna be the one to face the apocalypse, and every generation flatters itself that it experienced the peak of human creativity, after which everything went to hell on a hoverboard. This almost uniformly occurs not long after the time the individuals involved hit puberty, and for evidence of this just check the top comment of any music video on youtube. “Music was so much better when Ifirst had a boner/got snogged round the back of the bikeshed! Everything that came after is shit!”

“My 10 year old son and his homies are making awesome stuff,” I replied. “I don't think it's gone away at all. The dunes are always shifting, that's all”

Which is true. The dunes are always shifting. And the waves keep crashing. The esteemed Adam Scrabble likes to talk about Dark City as a metaphor for these times. Un-human entities moving everything in our world around as we sleep, and when we wake, it’s as if that was always the case. But then, that was always the case. Nothing is static, the dunes are always moving, the waves keep crashing, and the second we reach plateau, we are dead. 

As the song says:

“Human beings don't want
Utopian comfort and certainty
They want adventure and Chaos and uncertainty”

This is indeed a time of Chaos and Uncertainty.

Same as it ever was.

Ride the wave, brothers and sisters. It’s a beautiful day to be alive.

Playa Del Carmen, March 23

Akira The Don & Jordan B. Peterson - UTOPIA

🌊 From the album JBPWAVE: Father
🎵 Produced, arranged, composed, and performed by Akira The Don
🎙️ Vocals by Jordan B. Peterson & Akira The Don
🎵 Mixed and mastered by Akira The Don
📺  Video by Akira The Don & Sakura Bipolar
📼  Doctor Faustus

Vocal sample from @JordanBPeterson  used with permission.


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