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Happiness Is A Side Effect Of Meaning | Proudly Made in the USA

Happiness is a Side Effect of Meaning | Proudly Made in the USA

Happiness is a Side Effect of Meaning | Proudly Made in the USA

It's a beautiful day to be alive here at the peak of recorded human history


START WHERE YOU STAND or I Woke Up On Top Of A Mountain In Colombia | This Week In Meaningwave Nov 5 21

We're in Columbia today, because life is an unendingly relentless adventure of one's own making, and simultaneously as kind as you let it be... and what could be kinder than waking up on top of a mountain with a panoramic view of what appears to be the whole country? 

We flew in yesterday - eighteen years since the first time it still blows my mind that we can fly across the earth making music in the sky. I was working on some music that's coming out at Christmas, which you can hear a little preview of in this video. I also discovered that if you have an unending supply of coffee and pepparami to sip and nibble on, airport and plane authorities don't seem to require you to wear a mask. Whodathunk it? 

So we enjoyed as pleasant a commercial plane journey as one could possibly hope for in 2021, then were greeted at the airport in Bogota by a smart gentleman with a sign that read "Akira The Don", who drive us three hours up a windy mountain rode to our destination.

As I type, Hercules is chasing a cat around down by the stream, whilst the two Colombian children he befriended today play with his Switch. They don't speak much English, and Herc doesn't speak much Spanish, yet they've been playing together happily all day regardless. They have tons in common - they love anime, video games, football, swinging on ropes, jumping in pools, eating cake, making toys out of clay, running down steep hills, chasing cats, running away from dogs... it seems not sharing the same language is a small thing in the midst of all that.

Yes, it's a beautiful day to be alive here at the peak of this particularly aesthetically glorious mountain deep in the heart of Colombia, and it's been another beautiful week in the WAVE... so let's start where we stand, shall we?

We have a new single out today, with words written over a hundred years ago by the mighty Berton Braley. It's called START WHERE YOU STAND (segueway of the year award!), and it's a rousing, homerian, ode to GETTING AFTER IT and GETTING AFTER IT NOW, in the time honoured Meaningwave tradition. Enjoy it now on all platforms, and hold tight for a music video next week.

Speaking of which, we dropped a new visual from the How To Get Rich Vol. 2 LP with Naval this week, and added an extra vocal sample from his appearance on Tim Ferris' podcast this week, wherein he took the opportunity to shout us out, because MEANINGWAVE EXISTS and it is very important that that fact be made abundantly clear wherever possible.

Check that out now, and would have said own the NFT, but that was already snapped up. Make sure you keep an eye on our collections over at OpenSea to claim your slice of Meaningwave history, support the wave, and reap the inevitable benefits as this thing continues to BLOW THE FUCK UP! Which reminds me, shouts out to Joe Rogan for sharing our song HAPPY AS FUCK on his Instagram this week, and hold tight for as music video (and NFT) for that modern classic next week!

What else? Well, you can check out my backstage interview from last week's METAVERSE FESTIVAL VIP area, in which we went super deep on all manner of things, and then there's a brand new interview I did with Andrew Barry for his How Did You Learn That podcast, where I went abyss level on a bunch of things including the fabled Hyperproductivity X Zone Inhabitation Experiment, the danger of routines, the death of the establishment media etc, habit audits, and the antidote to tyranny...

Finally, I am overjoyed to unveil a brand new merch collection! We've got an all new Meaningwave Classics line, with the classic Meaningwave logo on luxurious cotton in a choice of colorways, along with some very beautiful new pants, shorts, and more. Plus we have an all new, ultra hypercolor Meaningwave Cosmos design, the extra-dimensional Meaningave Classics 3D design, plus our take on the immortal "A Man Of Culture" meme.

Get your fine Meaningwave apparel today! Made in the USA, and worn wherever cultured individuals stand!

Wi-fi up this mountain isn't powerful enough to live stream tonight, yet we will be gathering together REGARDLESS, around the virtual campfire that is the LOFI BEATS ALPHA visual premiere, wherein we get to listen to 50 (FIFTY) lofi beats that I made over the past year, and bask in the analogue glory of the visuals I made with an old television, a circuit bent glitch box, and an old video mixer from the 90s called a WJAVE - of course that's what it's called - that I acquired in Mexico. 

Hold tight for more new music, videos, and ADVENTURE over the next week!



The top of a mountain Colombia, November 5th, 2021