Happiness Is A Side Effect Of Meaning | Proudly Made in the USA

Happiness is a Side Effect of Meaning | Proudly Made in the USA

Happiness is a Side Effect of Meaning | Proudly Made in the USA


"Akira's best work to date!" - This Week In Meaningwave Oct 15 2021

They're calling it "Akira's best work to date!"

"Favorite set of songs so far!" wrote Matt.

"Utterly amazing," wrote D Man. "Jam-packed with more meaning than one man can ever consume in one sitting. Truly outdoing yourself with this one!"

"Your music has changed my life in a deeper way than you will ever understand," wrote Thaddeus Pellegrini.

"So Genius and Beautiful I can't even describe it!" wrote Ikemanreed. "It's so inspiring"

It's FREEDOM TO CHAINS, is what it is, and it's the EP I concocted while I was ill recently and was supposed supposed to be in bed resting. I mean, I WAS in bed. But I had my laptop with me, and I happened upon a recording of Paul Harvey speaking directly to us across space and time, and I had to make it into a record immediately.

After all, as we leaned on How To Get Rich Vol. 2, "inspiration is perishable. When you have your inspiration, do it right then and there."

Paul Harvey's voice is amazing. He also flows incredibly, as if rhyming to an unheard beat. I was mesmerized, as his words reached out to me from decades past:

"...a few seasons ago politicians baiting their hooks with free barbeque and trading a Ponzi promise for votes began telling us “we don’t want opportunity anymore, we want security.” “We don’t want opportunity” they said, “We want security.” And they said it so often we came to believe them. We wanted security. And they gave us chains... and we were secure."

So inspired was I that i laid out, arranged, and wrote the melodies and choruses for the whole thing RIGHT THEN AND THERE... and now this new record exists and it is beautiful and I hope you enjoy it as much as everyone who's heard it so far seems to have.

People also love the artwork I made and have been asking for merch, so we have some delightful cotton T shirts for you.

And we have a pair of ultra rare NFTs for someone to add to their collection, check those out and all our others on our Opensea page. Get after it!

Speaking of getting after it (epic segueway there Don, bravo), we just updated everyone's favorite workout playlist, GET AFTER IT! Look out for more playlist updates this week, and we just added the new LOFI WITH TALKING playlist, which is an exercise in giving a playlist a name that people might be searching for, as we continue our holy mission to GET THIS MUSIC TO AS MANY PEOPLE AS POSSIBLE!

We're working flat out on getting the vinyl to as many of you as possible (which is exactly the amount of you that ordered it)... Production is in full swing and Mammadon is in daily contact with the manufacturers. Hold tight for an Indiegogo update shortly.

In other news we just hit 70K subs on Youtube, so we shall be celebrating on stream tonight with one of our patented FRIDAY NIGHT MEANINGWAVE THROWDOWNS.