Happiness Is A Side Effect Of Meaning | Proudly Made in the USA

Happiness is a Side Effect of Meaning | Proudly Made in the USA

Happiness is a Side Effect of Meaning | Proudly Made in the USA

It's a beautiful day to be alive here at the peak of recorded human history



'll tell you, uh
Mythology I think of
As the, uh, homeland of the muses
The inspirers of art
The inspirers of poetry
And to see life as a poem
And yourself participating in a poem
Is what the myth does for you
I mean a, a vocabulary
In the form not of words
But of acts and adventures
Which connote something transcendent
Of the action here
And which yet informs the whole thing
So that you always feel in accord
With the universal being
Well, the ego can't reflect upon itself
Unless it has a mirror against which to read itself
And that mirror would be the mythological schedule
That lets it know, where it is
It's a mirror with a schedule on
Patterned mirror
And the ego sees itself in that reflex
And knows where it is
On the scoreboard
Just, for example
A person who, at the age of 40, is wondering
Whether he's gonna be punished by mother
Hasn't moved on
And the person at the age of 80
Who's wondering, "How's my golf score”
He hasn't moved on either
Myth lets ya know where ya are
(Yeah and now for my next number)
(I’d like to return to the classics)

Jung had a patient come to him
Who felt alone
And she drew a picture of herself
As, uh, caught in the rocks
Well, I'll be damned
From the waist down, she was bound in rocks
And this was on a windy shore
The wind blowing and her hair blowing
And all the gold
Which is the sign of the vitality of life
Was locked in the rocks
The next picture that he had her draw
Had followed something he had said to her
Suddenly, a lightning flash hit the rocks
These stories of mythology
Are simply trying to express
A truth that can't be
Grasped any other way

(Well, I'll be damned)

It's the edge
The interface
Between what can be known
And what is never to be discovered
Because it is the mystery transcendent
Of all human research
The source of life
What, what is it?
No one knows
It's important to live life
With a knowledge of its mystery
Simply put
A mythology is a set of stories, of ideas
That tries to make sense of the world
And our place in it
No special knowledge
Or education is required
You need only a deep interest
In what it means to be alive

There are two kinds of mythology
What is called the right-hand path
The mythology of the village compound
That keeps you fixed
In the context of your world
You grow up here
You live as expected
You live a dignified, successful