Manufactured In America | Hapiness Is A Side Effect Of Meaning

Manufactured In America | Hapiness Is A Side Effect Of Meaning

Manufactured In America | Hapiness Is A Side Effect Of Meaning

NEWSFLASH: It's a beautiful day to be alive here at the peak of recorded human history





People who work with that have high intelligence
High energy
And high integrity
That's the three-part checklist that you cannot compromise on
You need someone who's smart or they're heading in the wrong direction
You need someone high energy because the world is full of smart lazy people
Everyone's smart at different things
So, depending on what you want to do well you have to find someone who's smart at that thing And energy
A lot of times people are unmotivated for a specific thing
But they're not motivated for other things
For example, someone might be really unmotivated to go to a job and sit in an office
All the benefits in life come from compound interest Whether it's in relationships
Or making money
Or in learning
Compound interest is a marvelous force
You know you start out with 1x what you have
And then if you increased 20% a year for 30 years
It's not that you got 30 years times 20% added on
It was compounding so it just grew and grew until you suddenly got a massive amount of whatever it is Whether it is goodwill, love or relationships or money [repeat]
All the benefits in life come from compound interests All the benefits in life come from compound interests Long-term games with long term people
Let’s look at this next tweet
Which I thought was cryptic and also super interesting
About the kind of job or career
That you might have
You said
“The Internet has massively broadened the possible space of careers
Most people haven’t figured this out.”
The fundamental property of the internet
More than any other single thing
Is it connects every human to each other human on the planet
You can now reach everyone
Whether it's by emailing them personally
Whether it’s broadcasting to them on Twitter
Whether it's by putting up a website that they can access
You're not going to get rich renting out your time
But you say that you will get rich by giving society what it wants
But does not yet know how to get
At scale
That's right
We talked about before money is IOUs from society saying You did something good in the past
Now here's something that we owe you for the future
And so
Society will pay you for creating things that it wants
That society doesn't yet know how to create those things
He's got clout
People who are living far below their means
Enjoy a freedom that people busy upgrading their lifestyles just can't fathom And I think that's very important
Like just do not upgrade your lifestyle all the time to maintain your freedom And it just gives your freedom of operation
Once we make a little bit of money you still want to be living like your old self So that's just the worry goes away
So, don't run up and upgrade that house
Lifestyle and all that stuff
Let's say you get $1,000 an hour
The problem is that when you go into a work lifestyle like that
You don't just suddenly go from making twenty dollars an hour to